AA, BB, CC Creams…What’s the difference?

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If you are a makeup fanatic or just a makeup wearer then you may have seen these letters AA, BB, or CC on makeup packages.  So let’s dive in and figure out what they all mean and what do they do.

Let’s start in alphabetical order with AA.

AA stands for Anti-Aging typically in a cream or moisturizer.  So you will see these on products that help reduce wrinkles, crow’s feet, sagging, help with blemishes, as well as discoloration.  To help with all that stuff you don’t want to have then most common ingredients will include retinol, Vitamin C, sunscreen, and anti-oxidants.

BB, ok you may be seeing more of BB Creams than any of the others.  BB is for beauty balm or blemish base. I recently have been seeing these BB cream products in various different magazines and my local drugstore ads and had no idea what they were.  Well this past weekend I went and bought a new foundation that works as a concealer…turns out that I had purchased one of these BB creams.

Now, what they do.  They work as an all-in-one product.  So what that means is that it has moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, and foundation all in one product creating the BB cream.  Therefore, you can essentially skip all those other steps…they  were originally created for those who had sensitive skin due to surgery which is why it does all that at once, lucky us.

On to CC creams, color control cream.  The CC cream is supposed to help with color correction and skin tones.  They are different in that CC creams are created to help with current existing skin problems whereas BB creams are essentially to prevent skin problems.  CC creams still have all the wonderful ingredients that BB creams have; they’re just amped up so you still receive all the great benefits BB does for you.

CC creams may be more for you if you have dark under eye circles that are puffy, acne, age spots, or discoloration.


Now that we all know what they all mean, we can go out knowledgeably and purchase wisely.

Feel free to leave comments with what you use in your beauty regimen and how it works for you or what it does for you.

Until next time, stay classy!

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